Content & Copywriting in English

Want to reach clients outside of Czechia? We write copy that will help you achieve just that – in Czech and English. Websites, blog posts, tutorials. Anything, really. 

How We Write in English

panáček s lupou

Getting to Know You. Your Market. Your Customers.

Getting to Know You. Your Market. Your Customers.

First, we get clear about what you want to say and to who. Are you addressing native speakers? Or your Spanish clients? We either organise a get-to-know-you workshop or jump into work straight away.

Creating. Writing. Translating.

Creating. Writing. Translating.

Creating content either just in English or both in English and Czech. We always consider various content formats and SEO to come up with content that performs. No word for word translations! Your message must sound natural and read local.

Polishing. Peer Reviewing. Proofreading.

Polishing. Peer Reviewing. Proofreading.

Our elaborate process that ensures high-quality copy is what we take pride in. We employ AI language apps (but always value human input the most). Every text is peer-reviewed and proofread.

Why You Need English Texts Written by Czech Copywriters?

Our copywriters have a lot more to offer than just the ability to speak and write excellent English. Crucially, they also benefit from strong copywriting skills and the ability to get into the reader’s head. Optimising text for search engines and switching between tones of voice are their second nature. You won’t get that from a native speaker with no marketing skills. Or a translator without copywriting know-how. And you are certainly not going to get this from DeepL. 

Czech clients benefit from:

hlava se žárovkou

Content Marketing & Copywriting Skills

We build on 7+ years of experience with a range of content formats, SEO and UX writing. Diving deep into tech topics and complex products and services is what we enjoy; shifting effortlessly between tones of voice is what we do all the time. Be it AI, SaaS or hydrochloric acid, we’ve got you covered.

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Writing in Czech and English

Clients increasingly require content in both Czech and English. That is why we write in both languages. First, we polish the Czech version to perfection. Then we translate it into English, making sure the translated text sounds natural.
hlava s telefonem u ucha

Communication in Czech

Hiring a Czech copywriter comes with surprising benefits. As research is an important part of creating content, a Czech copywriter can use whatever resources that may be available in Czech, liaise with you and your clients directly, and lots more. Foreign copywriters face language barriers.

Know-How & Experience

Based on the scope and duration of a project, we put a micro-team together — our English copywriters are always at its core. We might also engage other specialists to look after the strategy, set the right tone of voice, or work on your social media presence. 

Every output is proofread by an expert. 

The longer we work together, the more value our content creates. This is because we get to the core of your business and gain deep insight into your needs and customers.

(English subtitles coming soon)

How Much Does It Cost?

The final price depends on the scope and specifics of your project. If you choose to work with us long-term, you can expect prices similar to these:  

Advanced Blog Post

Want to reach readers in Canada? Or Sweden? We’ll fall in love with your product, find our way into your customers’ heads, and even interview your company expert.

From 9,000 CZK 

Website Content

A brand-new website. A translation of your Czech site for a foreign market. An engaging landing page for clients across the EU. We do it all.

From 50,000 CZK

Consultations and Ad-hoc Tasks

Need a job advert to attract software developers from India? Want a second look at your article in English? Let’s do it! 

From 1,500 CZK/hour

Prices are without VAT.

Take the first step – we’ll guide you through the rest

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