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The first rule of website copywriting: getting to know our client and their customers. Doesn’t matter if we write in Czech or English or both. Comprehensive corporate websites with hundreds of pages. B2B portals selling innovative products. Short landing pages with a unique tone of voice. 

Sometimes, we create content from scratch. Other times, we jump into an already running project.

How We Write Website Copy. Step by Step



Finding out what has already been done, what we’ll be working with, who’s building the website. And who’s the boss — who is in charge of the project



Is there any piece of information missing on your website? We’ll find it. We perform a content audit, learn about your customers or interview the brand owner. Whatever your project needs.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Sometimes, a simple copywriting revision is all you need. Other times, we need to start over. Once the next steps are laid ahead, we give you a price offer and set deadlines together.

Actual (Copy)Writing

Actual (Copy)Writing

Our “Do Not Disturb” phase. We close the doors and delve in the creative process. One copywriter writes, another plays the harsh critic and scrutinises all the outputs. We work in simple wireframes in Google Docs — our best practice for all the subsequent jobs.

Revision, Revisions

Revision, Revisions

Your turn. Our outputs need to be revised by you, the client. We discuss, explain, and find the best solutions together. It’s not a battle of egos as we have the same goal: to come up with the best content.

Double-Checking Everything

Double-Checking Everything

Once the new content is out, we meticulously go through every page and cross-check everything. We optimise titles, write microcopy for forgotten action buttons, or adjust paragraphs that don’t fit. Then we’re done. At least for the time being.

If the Website Requires It, We Join Forces

Even the best copywriters have their limits. We don’t pretend to be experts in branding, research, or infographics. We don’t shy away from joining forces with specialists in their fields when a project requires it. However, we can cover some of the most common jobs in website building:

Small-Scope Keyword Analysis

We perform a basic keyword analysis to build the optimal structure for your website.  We also make a list of keywords for a long term content plan.

We find out all about your customers’ problems, what they need, and how to win them over. We do qualitative and quantitative research to dig out data useful beyond copywriting.
How does your brand communicate? How does it approach issues? What emotions do you want it to evoke? We transcribe the spirit of your brand into all texts so that your tone of voice is consistent from homepage to microcopy.

Visual Content

We suggest photos, videos, illustrations, or infographics you could use to make the best impact. We tell you where to use them. We supply most of the visual content ourselves. Or reach out to our reliable partners to provide it for you.

Experience in Your Line of Business

We assign at least two copywriters to each project. We choose them thoughtfully according to their experience – preferably, if they’ve worked for a client with a similar line of business before.

For example, when writing for a bank website, we assign it to someone who’s already written texts of large scope. Their work is reviewed by a colleague who has been writing about digitalisation in banking for years.

This system makes our work faster and more precise than the work of a copywriter who must learn about the industry first.

Complicated Topics. Lifestyle Hacks. Whatever You Need

Some copywriters write just about fashion or gourmet food. We’re not picky. We have built a large copywriting team over the years and share our experience and learnings with each other. We can write about gardening, digital security or wood processing. We proudly deem ourselves quite the experts in these fields:

  • E-commerce
  • Cosmetics
  • Fashion
  • Cars
  • Books
  • B2B Sales and Distribution
  • Software
  • SaaS
  • Data Analytics
  • Fintech
  • Cyber Security
  • Energetics
  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • HR
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Construction Elements Production

How Much Does It Cost

We assess the project’s scope first and then come with a price calculation. No project is the same; however, the costs range around the following amounts:

Small-Scope Product Website

Several pages, simple and a set website structure. At least one longer meeting with you to understand your needs is required.

35.000+ CZK

Company Website

Ten to fifteen pages, a bit more complicated structure. First, we organise a workshop with your team to define the goal of your website and the correct tone of voice. Basic research, analyses and strategy follow.

70.000+ CZK

Large-Scope Portal

Multiple pages or a very complicated field require thorough preparation and good research. We analyse, put together marketing personas and simplify the most important findings in a strategy. We might consult other professionals and/or outsource tasks to them.

150.000+ CZK

Prices are without VAT

Take the first step. We’ll guide you through the rest

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