Content Audits, Analyses and Strategies

Why a content audit? To distinguish your company from your competitors, attract more customers and/or use your existing content to the fullest. When auditing websites, we analyse all content and identify its strengths and weaknesses, then come up with a personalised strategy to reach your goals. You get an easy-to-follow communication plan with a list of recommendations.

How We Build Strategies That Work

Defining Steps

Defining Steps

We need to learn about your situation and assess your needs first. Then we put together a plan with analyses that need to be done. You get an estimate of costs and duration.

Digging Deep

Digging Deep

We organise a workshop with your team to learn about your brand, your position at the market, your customers, and your goals. We ask countless questions and demand honest answers.

Analysing Data

Analysing Data

We dive into your Google Analytics and evaluate your current content as well as your competitors’ communication. We conduct a media audit or a keyword analysis, if necessary.



We might employ in-depth interviews, conduct a customer survey, or organise focus groups. We combine various methods to acquire relevant data that we can build your strategy on.



After the previous steps, we understand your business and your customers. We can identify opportunities for you. This lays the cornerstone of your content strategy and defines what content you should create and for whom.

Setting Up Action Plan

Setting Up Action Plan

We present our suggested strategy to you, with snippets of your communication style to be. We work with your reviews, then move on to bringing your strategy to life.

We Put Words into Practice

We built our first comprehensive content strategy in 2012. Its subtitle was “The first step towards a good content strategy is to produce the first piece of content”. This statement is still valid  — even the best strategy is useless if you don’t execute it. These are the most common follow-up steps we take after finishing a content strategy:

We execute all our recommendations from the strategy to improve your communication channels or build new ones to attract new customers. All our outputs are approved by you and evaluated over time.

We write engaging easy-to-understand copy for your website. Campaign landing pages. Online company magazine. Whatever works for you.
Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. The best way to bring our strategic recommendations to life, with immediate effect. We can take over your social media completely, from setting up ad campaigns to answering comments and messages.

Knowing Your Line of Business + Experience

We spent hundreds of hours researching the best approach to a content strategy. We even made a video course about it.

Eventually, we found the most effective methods. That said, the arrangement and extent to which we may employ these methods is never the same. Every client is different.

We take the exact same approach when we put together a strategic team for a client. In some cases, a content specialist might be accompanied by an experienced interviewer who’s conducted hundreds of in-depth interviews, other times we need to take in a SEO specialist.

B2B and B2C Content Audits and Strategies

Doesn’t matter whether you sell prams or produce custom-made magnetic chucks. We’ve interviewed Asian students or technicians from Switzerland. Got to know family businesses as well as large international corporations. Reviewed hundreds of articles or produced copy for one page websites. We managed to collect plenty of know-how especially in these fields:

  • E-commerce
  • Cosmetics
  • Books
  • HR
  • Education
  • Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Banking
  • Sales
  • Software and SaaS
  • Logistics
  • Construction Elements Production
  • Energetics
  • B2B Sales and Distribution
  • Engineering

Proven Success

Our strategies work. Read (in Czech) how we helped Solitea reach millions of turnover or how we boosted the blog of — from tens to 57 thousand visitors.

Professional Awards

We won the Golden Semicolon (Czech professional writing award) with our content strategy for Solitea. The same year, our blog for placed 2nd.

Strategic Training

We have organised content strategy training since 2017 and have many satisfied graduates. Our online content strategy course is available at

How Much Does It Cost

We can’t tell you a fixed price without knowing your context first. Every brand is different, every audience is different and the quality of data and information we work with also matters.

Content Audit

An experienced copywriter analyses your website and recommends changes to get the best results out of your content. Find out more about our Website Content Audit (in Czech) that will bring you more than 22 pages of ideas for improvement and will help you reach your marketing goals.

14.990+ CZK

Content Strategy without Research

Do you know your customer well enough? All the issues they deal with, why they prefer your brand to your competition. If so, we don’t need any more research and we can come up with a strategy.

55.000+ CZK

Content Strategy with Research

Although you do know your customers, you might feel there’s something missing. We pick a fitting research method, collect data and evaluate it. Then build a content strategy that fits your target audience like a glove.

140.000+ CZK

Prices are without VAT.

Take the first step. We’ll guide you through the rest

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