Tone of Voice and Brand Building

The perfect tone of voice for a brand: easy to distinguish. Resonating in every piece of communication. Your website. Social media. Or even transactional e-mails. 

A brand’s tone of voice reflects who you are and who you’re talking to, thus helping you reach your goals. We help brands find their unique tone of voice to stand out among competition and sound authentic.

How We Find Your Tone of Voice



We dig deep into your communication. How you present yourself. How you talk to customers. Whether it feels natural for you. We take everybody’s communication into account, be it your CEO or your call centre operator.

Laying the Cornerstone

Laying the Cornerstone

We put together a brand manual. We analyse available data to describe your brand — your position on the market, your target audience and your goals. We skip this step if you already have a brand manual.



Your strategy from your brand manual comes to life. We create the concept of your tone of voice. Easy to grasp and ready to be used straight away.



We write texts for all important touchpoints. Improving your website copy or setting up new e-mail templates. If you wish so, we produce content for you long term.

Staff Training

Staff Training

Teaching your team how to work with your tone of voice. Training formats may differ but the goal stays always the same: Your tone of voice should come to life seamlessly and naturally.



We evaluate the use of your tone of voice. Adjusting it or adding some details. We answer questions and generally coach your team in perfecting their communication skills.

We Go Beyond Tone of Voice Manual

We’ve seen so many manuals in colourful PDFs. What matters is bringing them to life! Your tone of voice becomes strong only by consistent practice. To distinguish it even more, consider our additional services:

Visual Content

A tone of voice is mainly based on texts. However, it still needs to be in harmony with photos, illustrations, and/or videos. We get the basics of your visual identity ready, we prepare templates and set examples.

A/B Testing

Significant changes to your tone of voice always need to be tested first. We come up with more ideas for your tone of voice, set your KPIs and then evaluate which one works the best.
We mentor and coach your internal marketing and/or copywriting team. Our job here is to be an external reviewer who guards consistency throughout all your communication channels.

Knowing Your Line of Business + Experience

We put together a dedicated team to work on your tone of voice. A brand consultant and an experienced copywriter spot any discrepancies between your brand manual and your real communication.

Your designated team presents their work not just to you but also to other colleagues at Obsahovka. Each of our outputs is internally reviewed, mercilessly scrapping ideas that look good only on paper.

Based on these methods, we deliver functional and easy to implement results.

How Much Does It Cost

We can’t tell you a fixed price without knowing your context first. Every brand is different, every audience is different and the quality of data and information we will be working with also matters.

26.000+ CZK

Prices are without VAT.

Take the first step. We’ll guide you through the rest

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