Large-Scope Content Projects

We build online company media. Blogs. Magazines. Specialised content hubs. Our content educates and informs while being fun to read. The perfect way to attract new customers and build a stable communication channel that delivers results for many years to come.

How We Build Content Marketing Projects

Seeking Opportunities

Seeking Opportunities

Doesn’t matter if you have a very clear idea of what you want or you’re not sure yet. We revise your existing content and suggest the best approach to make it work for you.

Proposing Strategy

Proposing Strategy

We build a content strategy for you, bearing in mind your brand, your goals, and your ideal customers. It should work long term and bring use to everybody.

Pilot Version

Pilot Version

We put out a pilot piece of content to confirm the viability of our concept. We verify that it’s understandable, compelling, and capable of delivering results.



Building a great company blog from scratch is more than just a Wordpress template. In case it’s not us who builds your online presence, we consult and advise.

Content Creation

Content Creation

First results usually appear months after publishing scheduled pieces of content. However, we always search for quick wins to capitalise your content.

Evaluation and Reporting

Evaluation and Reporting

We use various metrics to analyse whether the content we create brings results. We adjust all our next steps based on our reports.

Multiple Purpose Content

Most of the content we create is versatile enough to be used multiple times. Pressing the “publish” button is not a wrap! We do our best to return your investment. For example, a comprehensive case study can be re-used multiple times – split it into two separate LinkedIn posts, use it in a newsletter or in infographics.

Content That Fits

We create content with all your marketing goals in mind, adjusting content formats as well as their timing. We work within the STDC customer framework but we may also employ our own scheme.

Making It Viral

Even the most excellent piece of content doesn’t work when people don’t see it. We make your content visible. We use social media, e-mailing, ad campaings, or even less traditional methods. Whatever fits your brand.

Long-Term Mentoring

We mentor and coach your internal marketing and copywriting team. Our job as mentors is to be external reviewers who guard consistency throughout all your communication channels.

Knowing Your Line of Business + Experience

We put together a stable team for our long term projects, with our copywriting specialists at its core. Accompanied by external experts, if necessary.

We like to involve your own employees or even customers in content building, whenever possible. We measure, evaluate and analyse everything and save every little piece of know-how to your internal wikipedia page. So that every member of your dedicated team is always up to date.

Based on these methods, we manage to create content that is not superficial and delivers results.

How Much Does Long Term Content Marketing Cost

We come up with a specific price offer only after testing out a pilot piece of content so that everybody knows what to expect. Most often, we provide services within these price ranges:

Company Blog

Not-so-complicated strategy, one solid article per week. Interspersed with infographics, original photography, or illustrations once in a while. Topped off with reporting and optimalisation.

40.000+ CZK /month

Content Hub

Two or three outputs a week, regular visuals, a video every now and then. Everything based on complex data and long term strategy. Detailed reporting included.

90.000+ CZK /month

Company Magazine

Printed company magazine. We take care of everything – texts, graphics, print & delivery to your doorstep.

150.000+ CZK

Prices are without VAT.

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