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How We Manage Social Media for Our Clients

“We’re lost. Can you help us with our Facebook page and sort out our LinkedIn profile?” We get this plea pretty often. No wonder. Social media is constantly changing, and keeping track of all the updates is hard. Managing Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram for our clients is about a lot more than just writing posts. Here’s how we do it.

HR Marketing: How to Attract People Who Are Not (Yet) Searching for a Job

In Czechia, only 16% of employees are thinking about a change of jobs. Only 14% are actively looking for a new job. When building your HR communication solely on job ads and performance campaigns, you’re missing out on the majority (70%!) of people. Embrace various content formats to attract passive job seekers!

Reviewing Microcopy for 2N

At Obsahová agentura, we create online magazines, write websites, and we’re always excited to help with microcopy. See how we polished UX writing for 2N Telekomunikace and learn about how we worked together.

Copywriting in Czech and English? No problem

Our client Milmar is a Czech-based producer of nonwoven fabrics, plastic netting and products made of these materials. During summer 2022, we wrote copy for Milmar’s new website — in Czech and in English. Read on to learn about our approach to copywriting in English.

Web Copywriting: Making a Website with a Copywriter in a Nutshell

Creating a new website? Sooner or later you will need to fill it with content. We’ve summarized what role copywriters play in creating a website, when to approach them, why, and how the collaboration works from the first e-mail to the launch of the site.

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